What is LaseResults®?

LaseResults® is a breakthrough skincare system inspired by the benefits of laser surgery and designed to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin and protect against harmful free radicals.  Created by renowned laser surgeon Dr. Eric Bernstein, the LaseResults® products work in unison to deliver real, visible results.  Key products are formulated with Dr. Bernstein’s patent-pending CRV-8 Complex, all fragrance free, sulfate free, paraben free and oil-free.  LaseResults® is a daily skincare regimen that can work as a compliment to office procedures and for women at home.


Why was LaseResults® created?

Dr. Bernstein felt the market was missing a product line with real, laser-like results.  He started developing LaseResults® more than 10 years ago and assembled the smartest minds in the industry and best formulators to help develop the product line.  In addition to Dr. Bernstein, the LaseResults® team includes Dr. Zelickson, Dr. Geronemus, and Dr. Grossman.


What makes up the CRV-8 Complex?

The CRV-8 Complex is a distinctive blend of ingredients, including citric acid, hyaluronic acid, murumuru butter, whey protein, licorice root extract, resveratrol and hydroxyproline to achieve vital skin benefits:

Increases extracellular matrix (hyaluronic acid, collagen) in the dermis and epidermis

Lightens dyspigmentation

Smoothes the stratum corneum and hydrates the epidermis

Improves barrier function


When do you expect the CRV-8 patent to be approved?

The CRV-8 Complex is patent-pending, and will be approved in the appropriate time frame.


How have the benefits of laser surgery been used to create LaseResults®?

In order to reap the full benefits of a laser procedure, Dr. Bernstein realized that topical treatments were necessary.  He created a line that was both complimentary to the procedure as well as performed on its own.   Clinical trials were performed with the topical products and the results showed comparable results to laser treatments, while maintaining results by enforcing a healthy, daily routine.


Who is Dr. Eric Bernstein?

Dr. Bernstein is founder of Main Line Center for Laser Surgery and is also Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches the science of medical devices in the executive Masters of Technology Management program.  Eric F. Bernstein, MD received his MD from the Yale University School of Medicine, and an MSE in Management of Technology from the Engineering School at University of Pennsylvania, co-administered by the Wharton School.  His vast knowledge of the science of skin has led him to create the LaseResults®. 


Does Dr. Bernstein have any celebrity clients?

Yes, but he respects his clients’ privacy and will not discuss patients.


What makes this product line unique and different than other similar products currently on the market?

The way the products perform, alone and together, make LaseResults® extremely unique.  Simply put-they get the job done, repairing and protecting sun-damaged skin.  LaseResults® was developed with a combination of key ingredients including the anti-oxidant glutathione, the anti-oxidant poly-hydrox acid (PHA), gluconolactone, as well as citric acid (an anti-oxidant AHA), resveratrol (a key anti-oxidant in red wine), hydroxyproline and key peptides, as well as other key ingredients formulated for optimal penetration.


Who is this product line for?

LaseResults® was made for anyone who wants clearer, younger-looking skin.   The collection is suitable for all skin types – all products are fragrance free, sulfate free, paraben free and oil-free.


Do all LaseResults® products contain the CRV-8 Complex?

All products contain the CRV-8 complex except the Eye Focused treatment and Calm & Restore Serum.  These products contain gentler ingredients.


Does the cleanser remove makeup?

Yes, the cleanser removes makeup.


Can the eye cream be used all over eye?

No, it is only meant for under the eye.


How often does the Eye Focused treatment need to be applied daily?

Just one application at night is necessary to see results from the Eye Focused treatment.


What is the difference between the two night products – PM Focused Repair Lotion and PM Intensive Focused Repair Lotion?

The PM Intensive Focused Repair Lotion has the maximum OTC strength 10% AHA.


Can the Serum be used alone if someone wants a lighter moisturizer?

Yes, the Calm & Restore Serum can be used alone as a light moisturizer.  Many of Dr. Bernstein’s patients apply the serum immediately following laser treatments.


Are products made with fragrance additives?

No, each product is fragrance free.


Do the products begin to work instantly?

Yes, the products begin to work instantly, with dramatic results shown in just two weeks’ time.


Can all the products be used separately, or must they be used together to achieve results?

The products can be used separately, but are more effective when used together.


You have extensive experience with lasers—can you tell us how this has lead you to create and formulate this new line?

Watching the effect of lasers on the skin made me realize that to truly turn back the hands of time (really the sun), my patients had to change their routine and make sun-protection and a rejuvenating regimen part of their daily routine. Many of the effects we’re looking for from lasers, are achievable with topicals, if used every day.  What I call the 5 cardinal signs of skin aging, really sun-aging, are:

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Enlarged Pores
  3. Sagging Skin
  4. Redness
  5. Brown spot-freckles and lentigos

Lasers address these quite well, but so do topical treatments.  Although, to get rid of the EXTRA veins one has from the sun, lasers do it best.  I treat a ton of rosacea, and people are really happy with the results. I have had the advantage in my career of studying: what causes skin photoaging, what ingredients combat it, and then can see actual results in my patients and get feedback very quickly from some of the smartest folks around (my Main Line Patients) on what works and what doesn’t.  I have been doing bench research and using lasers since the late 80s, that’s a long time, and it has resulted in the formulations in LaseResults®.


Please tell us about the CRV-8 Complex—the mix of ingredients is unique and how does it deliver the formulation the efficacy you were targeting?

When formulating ingredients to protect and rejuvenate skin, it really does take a lot of experience with a number of ingredients to arrive at the perfect formula.  In the laboratory, I have patented along with some others a model of skin photoaging using human cells. This model has been used by me and by some of the biggest skincare companies in the world, to investigate what ingredients prevent skin aging, and what combinations of ingredients work best together. But that’s only the first part, next these ingredients need to be formulated in such a way as to find the best combination that also gets down to the deeper layers of the skin to perform their magic.  LaseResults® CRV-8 complex is designed to repair and protect skin at the same time.  The formulation contains an AHA to exfoliate and enable the other ingredients to penetrate where they are needed. For example, we have resveratrol from wine, peptides that signal the skin to repair, ingredients that protect the surface barrier-basically the right combination to give the results our independent testing have shown.  For example, after only 2 weeks of using our PM Focused Repair Lotion, test subjects were found to have statistically significant improvement in skin firmness (100% of subjects) and skin tone (71% of subjects.  After only 4 weeks of use, 100% of subjects showed a reduction in pore size, 87% showed improvement in skin clarity and 86% showed improvement of fine lines and wrinkles.  I’ve done plenty of laser studies that couldn’t get results like that-and we haven’t even tested our INTENSIVE Focused Repair Lotion under those conditions yet.


The line has morning and night treatments—how critical is an all-day regimen to keeping skin looking younger and vibrant longer?

I tried to keep the regimen as simple as possible. You need something that protects and repairs in the am, and a 2 step regimen is key for the PM.  Our AM Repair and Protect SPF 30 prevents sun-damaged while repairing at the same time.  For the PM, we have a 2-step process.  The PM Focused Repair Lotion mildly exfoliates and produces a slight ‘tingle’.  The Calm and Restore Serum is applied right after the PM Focused Repair lotion. The mild exfoliation of the first, allows the serum to penetrate to where it can do the most benefit-and it SEALS the skin to protect it against environmental insults.  The calm and restore serum has additional ingredients to gently but powerfully protect the skin and restore it to the way it should be.  We have added glutathione, a powerful anti-oxidant I have worked with since the late 80s, as well as gluconolactone, a poly-hydroxy acid that seals and protects.  I have published on both these ingredients, and was the first to show that gluconolactone can protect against UV-damage.  The inflammation from a single UV-exposure causes inflammation and damage that lasts many days, long after the sun has set-that’s why we need protection 24/7.


Is there one particular ingredient that stands out as the hero in the line or one that you are particularly impressive with—and why?

Everybody asks if there’s a single ingredient that does the job-that’s just the point-there isn’t.  In my opinion, that’s where many folks that study western medicine and science fall short.  We want to know what ‘ingredient’ does the job with Chinese or Navaho medicine for example, and the body just doesn’t work that way. When we get injured, a myriad of growth factors activate a cascade of cells to repair the body, all timed in just the right way, coming in and then leaving right on cue.  I learned this in my first exposure to research at the National Institutes of Health.  We were trying to figure out wound healing, and were looking at single growth factors as the solution. True, they can help, but the best thing to heal a wound is the stuff produced by our body containing a cocktail of cytokines to heal our wounds.  When repairing sun-damaged skin, we’re trying to stimulate healing without making a wound. That’s why at LaseResults® we formulate our products with a SYMPHONY OF INGREDIENTTM, all working in together in just the right way to get the results you will see after using LaseResults®.  In fact, in-office laser treatments work the same way.  I often use 2 or even 3 lasers in a single treatment session, and as the skin changes, I will switch lasers again to get the best result possible. From a marketing standpoint, people always want to point out a single ingredient-but skin aging is so multi-factorial, I just don’t think that’s the best approach-and our results bear that out.


Just for clarification—the line is said to be for use as complement to in-office procedures as well as at home. By at-home do you mean for women who aren’t undergoing a procedure, or do you mean post procedure, or both?

The products are really designed to be used alone-they are a complete package with our AM Repair and Protect SPF 30, the 1-2 punch in the evening of the PM Focused Repair Lotion or PM Intensive Repair Lotion, followed by the Calm and Restore Serum.  Of course, we have a fantastic cleanser and our Eye Focused Treatment for the delicate under-eye skin.   There’s an important reason to have 2 strength of our PM Focused Repair Lotion-not everyone’s skin is the same, and we want people to use the strongest lotion they can.  Many people start with the PM Focused Repair Lotion and work up to the PM Intensive Focused Repair Lotion.  It makes no sense to make a lotion so mild, that you compromise on the potential benefits. There needs to be some tingle to get the maximum benefit in skin rejuvenation. In addition, skin changes with the seasons, and many skin care lines ignore that fact.  Some of my patients who use the PM Intensive Focused Repair Lotion will change to the PM Focused Repair Lotion in the winter, or even leave off the first step and simply use the Calm and Restore Serum if their skin is dry, or use the PM Focused repair lotion a couple of times as week. I trust patients to adjust their treatment regimen-I’m here if they need me-during various times of the year. That way, I can ensure that my patients are maximizing their benefits all year round. It’s really a prescription for better looking skin.

Our line does synergize quite well with laser treatments-and enhances the results in my opinion quite considerably.  I often have patients use the Calm and Restore Serum right after a laser treatment and for a week until the skin feels completely back to normal. Most of the lasers I use don’t have down time, but the skin can be pink and sometimes puffy for a few days. I will often condition the skin with our entire regimen, to even pigmentation and stimulate collagen remodeling before laser treatment. Still, if my patients are going to choose one thing to do, I recommend topical over laser, since that’s forever and every day.


Lastly, as a doctor at the forefront of the latest in skin care research, what’s the next hot area of anti-aging science?

As a skin and laser scientist, I of course love this question. I think the two really hot areas are home laser/light/energy devices and laser PLATFORMS for in-office laser treatments that offer a myriad of choices from a single device.  There are now quite effective home lasers and LEDs to treat acne, remove unwanted hair, and rejuvenate skin (and some not-so-effective ones as well).  I have worked with a company called Tria Beauty that made the first FDA-cleared laser for home hair removal. In addition, they have a very POWERFUL home LED to treat acne-and my kids are using the acne device every day.  I think combining topical with in-office and home devices is the most exciting area right now. For in the office, most docs don’t have 44 lasers/energy-based devices like I do to offer the full range of treatment options.  IPLs have been developed to offer a platform of options to treat skin-but I NEVER use these devices-I think they are much less effective and less forgiving than lasers, and they account for most of the side-effects that come to my office from other practices.  A true LASER platform that offers multiple laser options from a single machine would bring laser treatments to more doctors and thus to more patients.