Prepare Your Skin for the Winter

The winter is near! Like you would prep your home for the winter, you should do the same with your skin. Winter brings dry, cold, harsh weather that can be detrimental to your skin. Get your skin ready for the worst.


Take lukewarm showers.

As cold as it may be and as nice as a hot shower is, you really should reconsider the temperature of your shower. Hot showers will strip your skin of it’s natural oils leaving your skin extra dry. Make sure to have a lukewarm shower. Immediately after you shower, you should moisturize. This way your pores are still open and the moisturizer locks in moisture.


Wear SPF.

Even during the winter, it is important to wear SPF. The sun is still strong during the winter, you just can’t tell.


Wear gloves.

The skin on your hands are extra thin. So when it is a windy day, your skin is more susceptible to becoming dry. Protect your hands by wearing nice warm gloves.


Invest in a humidifier.

Humidifiers are great little machines that add moisture to the air so that it is not as dry. When it adds moisture to the air it also adds moisture to your skin.


Drink plenty of water.

Water will hydrate you from the inside out!