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High Fluence Antioxidant Peel System


Eric F. Bernstein, M.D., M.S.E. and the team at LaseResults created our LaseResults High Fluence Antioxident Peel System to make your skin look smoother and healthier. Our optimized anti-oxidant AHA peel is part of this complete skin-care system designed to improve the appearance of photodamaged or acne-prone skin. Dr. Bernstein and his team have adapted the professional-strength in-office peel pioneered by Dr. Bernstein and used by leading laser physicians around the world for you to use at home. Our peel system exfoliates dry skin, stimulates cell renewal, revealing a revitalized skin surface.

Cleanse your face with LaseResults Exfoliating & Hydrating Cleanser. Apply Step 1 High Fluence Antioxidant Peel Pad starting with your lower face and progressing to your upper face and forehead, avoiding your eyes and lips. Monitor the peel for discomfort, itching or redness. The first peel should be neutralized after two minutes. After first peel, you may allow the peel to continue up to five minutes. Apply Step 2 High Fluence Antioxidant Neutralizing Pad to your entire face. You will feel a very slight warmth and may see or hear some bubbles. This is the neutralizing process. Continue until the stinging stops. Rinse your face with water following this step. Now apply LaseResults Calm and Restore Serum to your entire face. You can now rest assured that your face is undergoing rejuvenation under the protection of an antioxidant barrier. You may use the LaseResults High Fluence Antioxidant Peel System from once per month to weekly as tolerated.