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  • 11 Skin Care Resolutions with Dr. Bernstein


    As we head into a new year, we encourage readers to take actionable steps toward better skin in 2015 with the specific resolutions. Let’s be honest, many of us mean well when we set new resolutions, but life gets busy...
    Dr. Bernstein
  • Dr. Bernstein of LaseResults Featured in WebMD


    Dr. Bernstein, world-renowned dermatologic laser surgeon & creator of LaseResults shares his expertise in the skincare industry WebMD Magazine featured Dr. Bernstein in their December issue.
    Dr. Bernstein
  • Dr. Bernstein of LaseResults Featured in The Oprah Magazine


    Dr. Bernstein Featured In The Oprah Magazine Issue of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” Executive Beauty Editor, Jenny Bailly, of The Oprah Magazine, quoted Dr. Bernstein about winter skin. Dr. Bernstein said, “A sunscreen with zinc or titanium dioxide protects you from the wind as well as the sun because it creates a physical barrier on top of your skin.
    Dr. Bernstein
  • Winter Skin Care Tips


    Prepare Your Skin for the Winter The winter is near! Like you would prep your home for the winter, you should do the same with your skin. Winter brings dry, cold, harsh weather that can be detrimental to your skin.
    Dr. Bernstein