What are good ways to avoid drying out skin during winter?

Move somewhere humid – but really, apply moisturizer while you are wet in the shower, before toweling off.


What’s a quick way to give dull skin a glow (this could involve certain skincare ingredients that boost radiance)?

My favorite way to give dull skin a glow is with the alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). Glycolic is the most common along with ammonium lactate. LaseResults® PM Focused Repair Lotion does a great job.


Do you know any good skin recipes—things we can whip up with things in the pantry or fridge to help skin look better during winter?

You know, people used to swear by chicken fat for bad eczema – and lemons were always good for fading freckles and wrinkle improvement-but I believe that professional products are way better than what you can find in your fridge in today’s world.