Dr. Bernstein said, “A sunscreen with zinc or titanium dioxide protects you from the wind as well as the sun because it creates a physical barrier on top of your skin. Apply it liberally even if you’re going to be outside for only a few minutes, because you’re exposed to plenty of UVA light through the windows in your home, office, and car.” Protect your skin this winter with LaseResults® products. Cleanse your skin of all impurities with LaseResults® Exfoliating & Hydrating Cleanser. Then apply LaseResults® AM Repair & Protect SPF 30. Top that off with LaseResults® Calm & Restore Serum. With the combination of all these products your skin will be protected from free radicals. Your skin will look and feel refreshed. In addition, already damaged skin will be rejuvenated and repaired with all the distinctive blends of ingredients. Find these products on LaseResults.com.